Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Why Rappers and Athletes Go Broke

When Keeping it "Real Broke"
From Millions to a Mess

Have you ever wonder why so many famous black rappers and athletes lose everything they have? They go from having several homes and cars to moving back with Mama. It has happened to so many, there need to be classes on how not to Mess up your money. With all the foolish  excessive spending and bimbo groupies, bankruptcy is inevitable. You will have a field day googleing these nut cases in all their former glory. Not only do they lose their money, but they lose their pride and women. Yes "Them" all those "Dyme Pieces" he could never get when he was just plain ol "Him". I've compiled a Top 10 Laundry List of why Rappers and Athletes Go Broke:
  1. Women. "leave em where you meet em" In the clubs and the streets.
  2. Cars. "How many is too many" Enjoy it while it last.
  3. Investments. Stop handing over your accounts to your new friends in the banking world
  4. Houses. "how many can one sleep in" 
  5. Divorce "got damn it she didn't love you before the money" why do you think she loves you now
  6. The Entourage "them damn broke friends" you'll have more of them then money
  7. The Clubs "Champagne in the VIP anyone" 
  8. Credit "Burn the Black American Express" use cash
  9. Drugs "leave the shit alone"
  10. Success "remember when you use to work hard to stay on top" where did it all go.
I'll add to this blog notable celebs who are now broke. 


  1. Dash's lawyer dropped him for failing to pay bills, his SUV was seized after he failed to pay the $700 monthly bill, the bank foreclosed on two of his condos after he failed to pay his mortage, he owes $2 million in taxes to the state of New York, he's being sued for failing to pay rent on two Manhattan offices, and he's fighting off suits from a design company and security company whom both say Dash never paid them for their work. If there was ever a time to go crawling back to Jay, this is it.

    This dude keeps his life in a mess. How do you go through so much money in a short period of time. Wow!

  2. who are the brokest rappers besides mc hammer